Analysis Points

Gas Analysis

Did you know that iGAS can supply all of your Gas Analysis requirements? Drawing on our many years of experience around Air Separation and Cylinder Filling Projects we are conveniently situated between the manufacturers and the end user. The analysis system can be anything from a simple portable handheld analyser to a full blown suite containing many sensors covering all common Industrial and Medical Gases. iGAS can integrate analysers from the whole of the market to offer our customers the best combination based upon price and performance. Amongst our Key Suppliers/Manufacturers are Servomex, Siemens, ADC, Teledyne, GE etc.

 We can design the sample system ensuring safety, fast response and an ease of operation and maintenance. Both manual and automatic, (or combination of both) can be provided. iGAS can also commission the equipment onsite  ensuring correct operation in line with manufacturers guidelines. We can then optimise the system ensuring consistent and accurate performance.

 Medical Gas systems conforming to the European Pharmacopeia can be configured. We can integrate our analysis systems with our cylinder filling technology to produce enhanced Fill Production recording traceable back to individual cylinder barcodes.

Analysis Points

Connection points for sampling cylinders

Analysis panel

Analysis panel with hand scanner