iGAS Completes Transition to 100% Employee Ownership (EOT)

When the business started over 21 years ago, we never envisaged being where we are
today. Started with a few simple ideas and a desire to make it work. With our employee’s commitment and hard work over the years we have become a globally recognised supplier of high-quality services and systems.

It was clear to us that the business would not have had the success it has without all of our employees, and we were determined that whatever we did, we wanted to secure the long-term future of the business, team commitment and values.

The Employee Ownership Trust structure was the perfect way forward. It was clear to us that the best people to take the business forward and protect the culture and values we have built over the last 21 years are the employees.

We are very pleased to announce you that iGAS Technology Solutions Ltd has fully transitioned into employee ownership and is now wholly employee-owned by the Trust (EOT) and the current shareholders will cease to have ownership in the Company.

The new Trustee Board will comprise of Brian Turner (iGAS); Lesley Greenman (iGAS); and a professional trustee, Stewart Millington 

The management and current service levels will remain as now, with the Board of Directors:

•             Robert Lee – Managing Director

•             Mark Kinnear – Deputy Managing Director

•             Graham Smith – Technical & HSE Director

•             Lee Spraggon – Operations (and Project) Director

•             Sukumar Dey – Project (and Indian Operations) Director

•             Matthew Ingham – Project Director