Mark Commissioning Coregas Sydney

iGAS Complete Medical Oxygen Commissioning at Coregas in Australia

iGAS are pleased to announce the successful commissioning of the new medical O2 filling system at Coregas Sydney.

Coregas awarded iGAS the project of providing a medical oxygen filling system for their Sydney plant. The project involved the integration of a new automated filling unit into their existing O2 system, while still allowing for further expansion. The main features of the unit include cylinder barcode recognition, SCADA and complete fill reports.

The commissioning of the unit can be seen taking place in the photo below.

We are pleased to say that the installation went smoothly as did the commissioning and both Rob Lee and Mark Kinnear are now back in the country following the successful sign off of the system.

For further information, please contact Rob Lee at or T: +44 (0) 1483 268269

Mark Commissioning Coregas Sydney

Photo of Mark commissioning the medical O2 workbench for Coregas in Sydney, Australia