Brian Turner – Retirement from iGAS Board of Directors & New Role Announcement

Brian and I (Rob) started the company back in 2001. The company has grown steadily over the years to become a global leader in the delivery of industrial Gas (including medical and specialty) turnkey projects. During that time we have set and directed iGAS’s agenda.

So, after 22 years Brian will be retiring from the board of Directors on Friday 28th April. Brian has been a pillar of the company and will be very much missed in his Directors capacity.

The good news for iGAS is that he will be taking a new role as our Hydrogen Business & Technology Specialist. In this role Brian will be working with Ian Davies (IGPH) on business development and within iGAS to lead technical direction on live projects. This will include design authority roles and functional safety expertise.

Additionally, he will also be providing an oversight role to the Board of Directors.

Shortly, we will also be announcing a revised organisation chart, which will also include additions to the Senior Management Team (and Board of Directors) , which will continue to drive iGAS forward.

iGAS have been lucky to have Brian at the helm of iGAS for the last two decades. For sure we would not be the strong and globally recognised company we are today without him. His mentoring and development of our team over the years has ensured the strong foundations for future growth and the continued quality delivery of projects to meet/exceed our customers expectation.

Robert Lee – Managing Director

Mark Kinnear – Deputy Managing Director