Gas Generation and Distribution

Our Gas Generation Systems take our industrial gas experience to provide solutions for the effective and efficient generation of different gases for various applications and can be based on a 20ft Hi-Cube Container (Offshore DNV/ISO/BS EN) for: O2 Generation and Compression; Acetylene Generation; and N2 Generation and H2 Mixing

These solutions can be deployed for land use or offshore environments and are usually ready to use within 1 day. The containerised based systems can be linked to the on-board ship distribution/POU systems.

iGAS solutions offer a 90% reduction in the required cylinder deliveries, offering a substantial cost saving for off-shore solutions.
The solutions can also include: Compression and filtration of the gases; Full control systems; Line Buffers.

All units are built and tested off site, which significantly reduces the on-site installation time. The modular system provides significant productivity benefits and reduced overall hardware requirements.a