Trailer Filling / Offloading Systems

Our Trailer Filling and Offloading Systems are based on our considerable experience in developing solutions to meet the requirements of our Clients.

Trailer Filling Systems can be semi-automated, requiring minimal input from the driver. The systems can include the following aspects within the standard procedure for filling: Compressor Auto-Start; Driver & Trailer Validation; Automated Pre-fill Analysis; Queuing system (if there is more than one filling bay); Automated Filling of the Trailer; Post Fill Analysis including purity certification and database recording.

For the Trailer Offloading Systems these too can be semi-automated systems, again requiring minimal input from the driver. The systems can include features such as: Multipoint Trailer connections; N2 purging; Automated control valves; Pressure regulation; Modular design

The iGAS Project team will work with you to deliver the ultimate ‘Turnkey’ Solution including: Functional and Software Requirements Specification; HAZOP Study; Safety Instrumented System (SIS) Determination and associated design; ATEX Compliance Requirements; Specification of all Field Instrumentation; Analysis Systems and associated Sampling Systems; Field Installation; Site Supervision; Factory Acceptance and Site Acceptance Testing; Commissioning and Training