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Safety, Quality, Technology Advancement and reliability are the key drivers within the Rawabi Integrated Gas Co Cylinder Filling facility in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Partnering iGAS Technology Solutions Ltd (IGAS) ensured that the Rawabi Integrated Gas Co Cylinder Filling facility was designed, manufactured and installed utilising World Leadingequipment, thus delivering the prime drivers; Safety, Quality, Technology Advancement and Reliability.

Delivering high quality (pressure and temperature) gas to the filling modules is paramount in ensuring Safety, Productivity and Product Quality. This is only achieved by investing is high quality, reliable equipment and by ensuring the installation is to the highest possible standard. That’s why, iGAS Technology Solutions Ltd integrated the KRYTEM GmbH range of TLC(M) Cryogenic Reciprocating pumps into the Rawabi Integrated Gas Co Cylinder Filling facility.

Due to the extreme ambient conditions in which the equipment must operate the following techniques were adopted;VSD pump control enables the pumps to be driven across a wide flow range (4 to 16.5 ltrs / min) thus supporting continuous filling even in the highest of ambient conditions. This not only helps maintain productivity, but also ensures maximum life of the pump between planned maintenance schedules.

The PCP’s are located within the building thus protecting them from direct sunlight.

The supply and return hoses are vacuum super-insulated. In addition to the coaxial vacuum space with an absolute pressure of less than 10^-4 mbar minimising heat conduction and convection there is a multilayer radiation shield around the inner hose to eliminate the impact of thermal radiation.

VIP pump inlet pipework helps to prevent cavitation in high ambient temperatureS and if the installation is exposed directly to intense sunlight. It is also beneficial for pump installations that are kept cold continuously, such as 24/7 process supplies. In such cases boil-off losses are reduced and maintenance access is improved significantly due to reduced ice formation on the connection lines4. Integration of 4. “Winter Fill” automatic (proportional) cold fill bypass automatically injects cold liquid X the ambient vaporiser thus further assisting with keeping the gas at a good useable temperature.

AiFill integrated control system continually monitors gas (cylinder) temperatures and pressure providing automatic control signals to the pump control panel and “Winter fill” Cold Fill bypass, requesting more / less gas and cooler gas.

“Proportional” fill control within the filling module (controlled by “AiFill”) also plays a major role within continuous, safe, filling.

The entire process from tank to filling module is designed and manufactured under IEC61511 safety controls



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