YaraPraxair Awards IGAS Rjukan (Norway) Medical Filling System

yara long

YaraPraxair has recently awarded IGAS the ‘turnkey’ contract for their medical filling plant in Rjukan, Norway.

The scope includes the full engineering, design, install and commissioning to fill medical gases in cylinders, pallets and bundles and to settled pressures up to 200 barg with pure and mixed gases.

The systems include our latest ‘iVolve10’ technology to productively fill cylinders. This latest system incorporates over a year’s worth of development to enable IGAS to offer more flexible, packaged (Plug & Play) systems at significantly lower capital costs.

Filling occurs automatically between all the fill modules (including venting and vacuum processes), with minimum operator interaction.

The entire system will be visible over a secure connection for remote support. Additionally, automatic fill records are generated.

IGAS were chosen by YaraPraxair due to our experience in delivering cylinder filling technology and turnkey projects to medical standards wordwide; utilising cost effective and advanced technology and design.


For more information please contact Robert Lee on +44 (0)1483 268269 or r.lee@igas-ts.co.uk