Project Completed for the Automation of CO2 Mixtures Filling

IGAS have recently completed a new automated cylinder filling plant (turnkey project), using the most unique and enterprising designs for reducing the physical demands on cylinder filling plant operatives. Working closely with Filltech of Germany, to implement the project on time and on cost for AGAS Ltd, Bristol.

The system has the following advantages and advanced features:

  1. Automation and reduced handling of all cylinders is accomplished from the empty cylinder cage, through the filling process and then placed within the full cylinder cage. The operator is not required to take the cylinder full weight at any one point. This is achieved using automatic pallet lifting devices, ball runner and motor driven conveyors. The design also includes automated rotating table to re-orientate the cylinders once filled for palletising.
  2. Safety incorporates best practice design for N2 & CO2 systems; over-pressure protection; key process safety interlocks; and operator protection
  3. Productivity design allows a single operator to keep a constant flow of cylinders through the plant. The filling station has provision to allow two operators to fill at the same time to increase productivity. The system can fill cylinders up to 10L on the automated conveyors and also includes the capacity to fill 50L cylinders standing on the floor mounted weigh scales.
  4. Versatility of the plant allows the two fill stations to multi-task. The two fill stations can fill CO2 and N2 at the same time on either fill station, increasing cylinder through put. The fill station is approved to UK ‘weights and measures’ standards, with all relevant equipment calibrated to fill cylinders within the clients fill tolerances.

For more information please contact Robert Lee on +44 (0)483 268269 or