IGAS Technology in International News (Acergy Piper)

IGAS’s technology reaches “The Times” newspaper on Saturday 30th September 2006. For the full article see the link below:


The main project was to lay the major part of the world’s longest undersea pipeline, with the gas supply systems designed and executed by IGAS Technology Solutions. This was undertaken through Dominion Technology Gases – who provide the welding gases to the Acergy Piper (formally Stolt Offshore’s LB200), one of the world’s largest pipe-laying vessels, as it works on the 1200 kilometre Langeled gas pipeline.

Acergy construct and laid about 890km of the pipeline from Norway to the UK, completing 525km last year and 360km in 2006. The challenge was to supply a moving vessel with a system tailor-made to meet the demands of a rigorous schedule and exacting conditions.

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