iTrack asset tracking and management

iTrack asset tracking and management

IGAS Technology Solutions and Rawabi Integrated Gas Co implement iTrack asset tracking and management module into the Rawabi Integrated Gas Co  cylinder filling plant.

ITrack asset tracking and management is aligned with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 vision ensuring Rawabi Integrated Gas Co (RIG) lead the supply of Industrial Gases and technology transfer within the Saudi Arabia industrial market.

iTrack is designed to track and record (live) assets (cylinders & bundles) and asset groups (pallets of cylinders or carboys) through the production process. This includes Rawabi Integrated Gas Co own assets and customer assets (strangers).

The benefits;

  • Central database: Can be accessed by the web application iTrack and handheld mini PC barcode readers, interacting with filling systems, Analytical systems & Rawabi Integrated Gas Co Inventory Management System and other systems using REST API
  • Inventory Tracking: Current stock inventory at Rawabi Integrated Gas Co is recoded, including vessel levels, source gas inventory, analyser calibration gas inventory.
  • Sorting: Assets are scanned on handheld mini PC barcode readers. Asset records are initially checked for maintenance requirements, before allowing operators to perform a pre-fill inspection (Pre-fill inspection prompts are Asset specific). Assets can be grouped (palletised) at this stage for forwarding to the maintenance workshop, filling area or transport between sites.
  • Cylinder Maintenance: Record and track maintenance, inspection and testing activities to ensure assets are operational and in safe working condition by identifying upcoming preventative maintenance, alerting operators during sorting of returned assets.
  • Registration of New Assets (Rawabi Integrated Gas Co or strangers): PCs with iTrack app access are located at each facility (Production Area, Maintenance Workshop and on Mobile Workstations). Assets can be added via physical data entry or via a .csv file.
  • Intersite Tracking: Assets sent and received between Rawabi Integrated Gas Co sites are tracked on despatch and receipt.
  • System runs on a cloud server provided by Microsoft Azure Cloud services.

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