Onsite Valve System

Onsite Valve Service 2013

Onsite Valve SystemiGAS in conjunction with m-tech have recently completed another successful valve service at a customer’s premises in the UK.

Working closely with the customer the team were able to undertake planned maintenance on high pressure valves. All the while disruption to customer’s filling operations was kept to an absolute minimum. Valve types serviced include m-tech’s MPG12 and MPG3.

  • All equipment is despatched to customer site including tools, cleaning baths and work benches
  • Work carried out by m-tech technicians
  • Valves are safely isolated and mechanically dismounted
  • The valves are completely disassembled to individual component level
  • Mechanical parts are inspected and replaced if worn or damaged
  • All mechanical components are then cleaned for Oxygen Service using approved specifications
  • Valves are carefully dried using Nitrogen
  • All worn parts are replaced (O-rings, static seals, dynamic seals, elastomeric parts etc)
  • All connecting screws are exchanged
  • Reassembly
  • Offline testing of correct valve operation
  • Offline testing of correct accessories ( solenoids , limit switches)
  • Final test under high pressure

As a testament to the quality of the m-tech valves, this work is generally carried out every 5 years. iGAS offer this service alongside service and support agreements for all cylinder filling systems we supply. For more information please contact support@igas-ts.co.uk.