iGAS Receive Safety Award from Subsea7

Ken Jay of iGAS has been awarded a safety award by Captain Mick Lee and Offshore Manager Fred Vergier of Subsea7, for his pro-active safety behaviour on-board the Seven Borealis.



The Subsea7 project was awarded to iGAS back in August 2011and is currently in the final stages of installation and commissioning in Schiedam, Netherlands. iGAS have been on-board since May 2012. The ‘turnkey’ project is for a new gas supply and distribution system for the Borealis pipe lay vessel.

The scope includes the full engineering, design, supply, install and commissioning of:

  • Oxygen generation and distribution on-board
  • Acetylene generation and distribution on-board
  • Propane Supply manifolds and distribution on-board
  • Welding Gas mixing and distribution on-board

iGAS were chosen by Subsea7 due to our experience in delivering gas supply and distribution technology and turnkey projects throughout Europe and beyond; utilising cost effective and advanced technology and design.

For more information please contact Robert Lee on +44 (0) 1483 268269 or r.lee@igas-ts.co.uk.