NIGP Project Enters the Installation Phase

Back in May iGAS had the pleasure in announcing that National Industrial Gas Plants (NIGP) had awarded iGAS the full ‘turnkey’ project of installing a new filling plant at their new facility in Doha, Qatar. iGAS are once again pleased to announce that the project has entered the construction phase and things are progressing well.

Earlier this month, Rob Lee and Richard Browne, attended the site in Qatar to check on the progress of the installation. Upon arriving at site, it was clear that things were moving along swiftly and the installation was taking shape. The filling modules had been erected along with the walk-way that runs around the modules. During the visit, the valve module and PLC panel got dropped into place, helping to further bring the 3D model, that had been produced way back at the beginning of the project, to life.

With this project iGAS are utilising a new filling module, including a new hose pulley system that aims to eliminate the strain exerted on the hoses. The new design allows for a greater density of hoses per module and provides maximum flexibility with regards to pallet filling. It has a new logical hose isolation design, so if a leak is detected on a hose, that individual hose can be isolated without affecting the entire fill module, allowing for filling to continue whilst the hose is replaced.

With the filling modules and valve skid in situ, work will begin on the installation of the pipework and electrical connections. The installation is planned to continue for the next month, and commissioning will begin in December or early in the New Year.

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