iGAS and GCE Working Partnership

iGAS and GCE are working together to bring additional expertise in the supply of “turnkey” gas distribution solutions offered by iGAS, along with the extensive range of equipment GCE has to offer, in order to meet the demands of the customers of today.

GCE manufactures gas management solutions for many applications from heavy industrial, medical and aviation through to high purity gases. GCE currently suppliers equipment to users around the globe and have the capability to meet the demands required for individual country regulations, legislations and fittings. iGAS saw this as a benefit and are now able to offer generic gas distribution system solutions anywhere in the world and are still able to meet those local requirements.

iGAS & GCE have already collaborated on several projects and many more are currently in the pipe-line; several of which will be bespoke solutions designed and manufactured to the customers’ specific needs in GCE’s own facility. With individual members of both GCE and iGAS having worked many years for large gas companies, together we can offer the end user a level of experience and expertise rarely found in the wordl today, thus bringing a unique ability to offer solutions that meet and exceed your needs.

For more information please contact Rob Lee on T: +44 (0) 1483 268269 / E: r.lee@igas-ts.co.uk.