UAB Gaschema, Lithuania

Project: Cylinder Filling Plant


The client UAB Gaschema Lithuania, a major independent Chemicals company wished to upgrade their Industrial gas (Oxygen, Argon, Nitrogen & CO2) packaged gases cylinder filling plant.

The technology adopted UAB Gaschema Lithuania was automatic cylinder filling utilising pressure / temperature technique including proportional valve control (“fine fill”) to ensure accurate, repeatable mixtures and reduced heat of compression when filling oxygen, along with minimal operator involvement.

In addition, high levels of safety, quality, reliability and productivity were key drivers in deciding upon iGAS Technology Solutions Ltd as their partner.


Part Turnkey (install by Client)

  • Project management
  • Process engineering & design
  • Mechanical & Electrical engineering & design
  • Safety studies
  • AiFill software
  • Factory acceptance testing
  • Installation management
  • Commissioning and training


From an equipment perspective this was a full turnkey, including; Cryogenic pumps, Ambient vaporisers, Electric trim heaters, Pump control panels, Line safety manifolds (panels), Mono gas and Mixtures cylinder filling modules, Cylinder pallet filling stations complete with hoses and cylinder connectors, Bundle filling stations and AiFill control system with SCADA

Why iGAS?

  • Expertise in packaged gases turnkey solutions – one stop shop
  • Expertise and quality of products (IGPH Group members)
  • Flexibility of approach
  • Easy to work with
  • A feeling of being in “safe, reliable hands”
  • Lowest life time costs


Safety, Productivity, Reliability and longevity are the key drivers within all of our solutions

Technology to us means latest thinking in designs, processes and usability. The packaging of our solutions is also paramount thus ensuring we assist our clients in maximising their ROI.

Our technology includes;

  • Manual, Automatic, Mass Flow, Dynamic Blending and Gravimetric Filling methods.
  • Standardised, pre-engineered plant.
  • Fixed or “mobile” (containerised) plant.
  • Integrated multi pressure filling.
  • Integrated dual or multi Fill / Vent / Vac functions – for increased productivity
  • Integrated AiFill Control System……World leading software package;
    • Multi language
    • Remote support – from anywhere in the world – SCADA system
    • Easy (local) changes to recipes & sequences
    • Predictive maintenance module
    • Queuing system, aids with maximum productivity

Category :

Industrial Filling

Client :

UAB Gaschema

Date :

April 18, 2019