Aviation Sector UK

Project: Industrial Cylinder Filling

Customer type: Major European Airline

    • O2 Breathing Cylinder filling
    • CO2/N2 Emergency Life-raft inflation cylinder filling

Objective: The client, a major International Airline within the Aviation Sector UK wished to take control of their cylinder filling requirements by developing a market leading Breathing Oxygen and CO2/N2 gases cylinder filling plant.

Whilst the client had extensive experience within the Aviation Sector UK in the airline technology requirements, they had limited knowledge / experience in the area of filling gas cylinders.

The technology adopted was automatic cylinder filling utilising pressure / temperature compensation technique (for the O2 system) including proportional valve control (“fine fill”) to ensure accurate, repeatable fills and reduced heat of compression, along with minimal operator involvement. Gravimetric filling technology was adopted for the CO2/N2 system.

In addition, high levels of safety, quality, reliability and productivity were key drivers in deciding upon iGas Technology Solutions Ltd as their partner.

Scope: Full Turnkey

    • Project management
    • Process engineering & design
    • M&E engineering & design
    • Safety studies
    • AiFill software
    • Factory acceptance testing
    • Installation management
    • Commissioning and training
    • Remote support


  • Supply systems – Vessel, pump, vaporiser
  • Safety panel
  • Filling module & stations
  • Control systems & SCADA

Why iGAS?

  • Client had limited experience in cylinder filling, therefore a feeling of being in “safe, reliable hands”
  • Expertise in packaged gases turnkey solutions – one stop shop
  • Flexibility of approach
  • Easy to work with
  • Lowest life time costs
  • Responsive



Client :

European Airline

Date :

May 1, 2019