Tier 1 Gas Producer, China

Application: Automatic Cylinder Filling Plant


The client, an International Chemicals company wished to develop a high technology, world leading Industrial Gases (Oxygen, Argon, Nitrogen, CO2) cylinder filling plant in China

Technology adopted was automatic cylinder filling, utilising pressure / temperature compensated technique along with proportional valve control (“fine fill”) to ensure highly accurate and repeatable gas mixtures and reduced heat of compression when filling oxygen.

In addition, improved safety, quality, reliability and productivity were also key drivers in deciding upon iGAS Technology Solutions Ltd as their partner.


Part Turnkey (install by Client)

  • Project management
  • Process engineering & design
  • Mechanical & Electrical engineering & design
  • Safety studies
  • AiFill Software
  • Factory acceptance testing
  • Installation management
  • Commissioning and training
  • Remote support


In addition to supplying line safety manifolds / panels, automatic cylinder filling modules, cylinder filling stations, cylinder filling hoses & connectors and AiFill filling plant control system, iGAS also played a major role in specifying the cryogenic reciprocating pumps, ambient vaporisers, and CO2 electric heaters.

Why iGAS?

  • Expertise in packaged gases turnkey solutions – one stop shop
  • Expertise and quality of products (IGPH Group members)
  • Flexibility of approach
  • Easy to work with and responsive
  • A feeling of being in “safe, reliable hands”
  • Lowest life time costs
  • Improved safety, reliability, quality & productivity
  • Move away from manual filling and specialist operators

Client :

Tier 1 Gas Producer

Location :


Date :

April 18, 2019