Hydrogen Trailer Filling Solutions

iGAS have significant experience in the design, manufacture, installation and lifetime support of Hydrogen Trailer Filling Solutions.

Our scope of supply depends on our clients’ requirements and ranges from equipment / component supply, through to complete “Turnkey Solutions”.

Engineering / design

  • Process, Mechanical, Electrical and Control design and engineering
  • Safety studies; IEC61511, HAZOP, SIL, LOPA
  • Mechanical and Electrical Installation
  • Commissioning (SAT)
  • Through life service and support

Key equipment

  • Custody transfer metering skids, including flow control / management.
  • Buffer systems
  • Purification systems
  • Compressor panels
  • Filling modules – Current fill pressures to 600 bar
  • Driver interface panels
  • SCADA system
  • Fire and Gas detection systems
  • RFI systems

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Hydrogen Gas Solutions

Hydrogen Gas Solutions, Cylinders, Bundles & Trailers for Industrial, Medical, Speciality and Refrigerant gas & liquid filling , in both mono & mixtures, including flammable;

As the global Hydrogen Gas Solutions filling and supply business develops, the IGPH Group are in the forefront of technological development in Filling Solutions – Cylinders, Bundles & Trailers.

Safety, Productivity, ROI and Reliability are key drivers within all of our projects.

Tailoring our solutions to match our clients budget plays a major role in our solutions.

So, whether you’re looking for a turnkey project, equipment only, standardised plant or bespoke, you need look no further,


Safety, Productivity, Reliability and longevity are the key drivers within all of our solutions

Technology to us means latest thinking in designs, processes and usability. The packaging of our solutions is also paramount thus ensuring we assist our clients in maximising their ROI.

Our technology includes;

  • Manual, Automatic, Mass Flow, Dynamic Blending and Gravimetric Filling methods.
  • Standardised, pre-engineered plant.
  • Fixed or “mobile” (containerised) plant.
  • Integrated multi pressure filling.
  • Integrated dual or multi Fill / Vent / Vac functions – for increased productivity
  • Integrated AiFill Control System……World leading software package;
    • Multi language
    • Remote support – from anywhere in the world – SCADA system
    • Easy (local) changes to recipes & sequences
    • Predictive maintenance module
    • Queuing system, aids with maximum productivity


Applications served and expertise provided includes;

  • Turnkey plant (process, mechanical and electrical) design & engineering
  • Manufacture and installation (globally)
  • Industrial, Medical, Speciality Gas and Refrigerant Cylinder Filling Solutions
  • Mono and mixture gases cylinder filling solutions
  • Cryogenic equipment and cylinder filling solutions
  • Trailer filling and decanting system
  • Gas generation systems
  • Pressure reduction and gas supply systems
  • CO2 recovery, liquefaction and filling solutions
  • Fixed and mobile (containerised) plant
  • Manual, semi-automatic and automatic plant

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H2 Filling

Date :

November 16, 2023