Coregas Pty Mackay


Coregas Pty Mackay, a leading gases company in Australia needed to increase its’ cylinder filling capacity throughout the Country in order to support the increased market demand it was seeing. In addition to increase capacity, Coregas Pty Mackay also required increased levels of quality, increased flexibility and a more robust solutions.

The Solution

Taking our many years-experience in designing, building, installing and commissioning tailored made filling plants we worked closely with the Coregas team developing standardised solutions that met both their technical and commercial specifications.

Key elements of the offered solutions focused on:

  • Providing Coregas with maximised return on investment
  • Delivering solutions that are;
    • Robust, reliable and deliver repeatable filling to settled pressures of 300 bar
    • Easy to maintain
    • Flexible
    • Highly productive
    • Optimised equipment selection – functionality, reliability, serviceability and cost

As with all systems delivered by iGAS, having designed, built, installed and commissioned the plant we then embarked upon a rigorous handover process which included: Operator system training; In-depth operator training on the maintenance of equipment supplied; and Operator training on fill “recipe” tuning.

Finally, to ensure system “up-time” our Control System allows remote support from anywhere in the world, guaranteeing the majority of issues can be resolved within 30 minutes. In support of this, in Country spares were provided and local support from our partner facility in Australia.




All work was completed to budget and on time, resulting in a satisfied customer both locally at site and from a head office perspective, thus ensuring iGAS become a key strategic supplier to Coregas in the future.

Coregas’ Engineering Manager, Chris Rouse, commented:

“I am very impressed with IGAS and their ability to adapt their filling systems to suite our quality procedures and products.  The system they have put together is robust and easily maintainable.  Our operators have taken the change in their stride adapting to the new system with ease.  In all I am very pleased with the result.”

Client :

Coregas Pty Mackay

Date :

May 31, 2018