HAZOP and LOPA (Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP) & Layer of Protect Analysis (LOPA)

  • A hazard and risk analysis shall be carried out on the process and its associated equipment. It shall result in:
    • A description of each identified hazardous event and the factors that contribute to it (including human errors);
    • A description of the consequences and likelihood of the event;
    • Consideration of conditions such as normal operations, start up, shutdown, Maintenance, upsets, ESD the determination of requirements for additional risk reduction necessary to achieve the required safety;
    • A description of the measures taken to reduce or remove hazards and risk;
    • A description of the assumptions made during the analysis of the risks including probable demand rates and equipment failure rates and any credit taken for operational constraints or human intervention;
    • Allocation of the safety functions to layers of protection taking into account the impact of common cause failures between safety layers
    • Identification of those safety functions applied as SIFs