What is Functional Safety?

A safety system is functionally safe if; Random, Common Cause or Systematic failures do not lead to manlfunctioning of the safety system resulting in;

  • Injury or Death of people
  • Spills to the environment
  • Loss of equipment or production

In order to achive a functionally safe system, we adopt IEC61511 following techniques;

    • Safety Integrity Levels (SIL’s)
    • Safety Life Cycle
    • Safety Management Plan
    • Hazard and Operability Study (Hazop) & Layer of Protect Analysis (LOPA)
    • Safety Requirement Specification (SRS)
    • Design and verification
    • Functional Safety Assessments (FSA’s)

What are the primary lifecycle causes of control and safet system failures?

  • Specification 44%
  • Changes after commissionoing 20%
  • Operation & maintenance 15%
  • Design & implementation 15%
  • Installation & commissioning 6%