Integrated analysis systems

Integrated analysis system;

  • Localisation,
  • Innovation
  • Quality,

Aligned with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 vision Rawabi Integrated Gas Co (RIG) are driven to lead the supply of Industrial Gases and technology transfer within the Saudi Arabia industrial market.


Rawabi Integrated Gas Co recognised the expertise IGAS Technology Solutions Ltd reputed in the field of automated cylinder filling solutions and as such entered in to in depth technical / scope discussions to ensure the new facility in Saudi Arabia incorporated IGAS’s international expertise.


Innovation was a key driver in the development of the facility. RIG wanted to ensure all all stakeholders (customers, operations and management) had clear, transparent information of their cylinder assets, resulting in the development and launch of iTrack.

  • iTrack:
    • iTrack, built into the World Leading AiFill integrated plant control system provides asset history tracking from sorting, through filling/analysis, inventory management and delivery to RIG’s @Rawabi Integrated Gas Co clients using iTrack platform complete with handheld mini PC scanners.


Quality of the filled product is paramount in ensuring @RIG is recognized as a leader of premium product and not just a “market follower…..”

Highly configured, integrated analysis  laboratories focused on the following ensure the shipped products are of the highest possible quality.

Sample Gas Conditioning systems (SCS), which take samples from source, storage, filling modules and post fill cylinders, covering final product quality and all impurities analysis.

Dedicated software is used for analysis records, reports and Certificate of Conformance generation. Synopsis of key data and trends are displayed in the dashboard.

Communications is provided via an Ethernet switch at each Analyser houses, connected PLC’s and SCADA system.

As well as on demand analysis the systems runs automatic validations and calibrations of the individual analysers through the HMI interface and the bespoke TTL software package which in turn communicates with the iTrack system to populate the database records for traceability and quality control.

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