iGAS Secures Two Major Cylinder Filling Projects in Lithuania

Turnkey gas projects solutions provider iGAS Technology Solutions Ltd. has secured two major cylinder filling projects in Lithuania with JSC Gaschema LT.

Both full turnkey projects, mono gas oxygen (O2) filling and mixtures filling, including supply systems, safety panels, filling modules, filling platforms and commissioning are based on semi-automatic filling technology controlled via the company’s AiFill control platform.

Rob Lee, iGAS’s Managing Director, said, “Both projects utilise equipment and engineering from all five IGPH Group members further confirming our expertise and global position in delivering turnkey cylinder filling project solutions.”

Established in 2001, iGAS is an independent company that works with global gas producers and end users to provide leading solutions to all industrial, medical and speciality gas projects and is a member of the Industrial Gas Project House (IGPH) Group.