Trailer Filling / Offloading Systems

Our Trailer Filling and Offloading Systems are based on our considerable experience in developing solutions to meet the requirements of our Clients.

The Trailer Filling Systems can be semi-automated, requiring minimal input from the driver. The systems can include the following aspects within the standard procedure for filling:

  • Compressor Auto-Start
  • Driver & Trailer Validation
  • Automated Pre-fill Analysis
  • Queuing system (if there is more than one filling bay)
  • Automated Filling of the Trailer
  • Post Fill Analysis incl. purity certification and database recording

For the Trailer Offloading Systems these too can be up to semi-automated systems, again requiring minimal input from the driver. The systems can include features such as:

  • Multipoint Trailer connections
  • N2 purging
  • Automated control valves
  • Pressure regulation
  • Modular design

The iGAS Project team will work with you to deliver the ultimate ‘Turnkey’ Solution including:

  • Functional and Software Requirements Specification
  • HAZOP Study
  • Safety Instrumented System (SIS) Determination and associated design
  • ATEX Compliance Requirements
  • Specification of all Field Instrumentation
  • Analysis Systems and associated Sampling Systems
  • Field Installation
  • Site Supervision
  • Factory Acceptance and Site Acceptance Testing
  • Commissioning and Training